Polygraph test in Bakersfield

Lie-detector exam in
Bakersfield California

lie detector test in bakersfield California

Polygraph test
in Bakersfield

Bakersfield polygraph examination

Bakersfield lie-detector
818 883-6969

A polygraph examination
in Bakersfield California
or nearby is $300 and up
seven days per week;
optionally you can
test a bit below Magic Mountain for under $148
by an examiner with 37+
years of polygraph experience
or his team-- almost any day!

Bakersfield polygraph for the public

Your Bakersfield polygraph test will take no more than one
hour IF you have your desired
Yes or No questions written
on paper before your arrival

and you are not dehydrated and you follow ALL issued instructions

A computerized
lie detector test in
Bakersfield is comparing
body changes at abdomen,
chest, right arm and left hand as questions are answered

polygraph test in Bakersfield today

Bakersfield polygraph
for the public

'Lie Detector Guy'

Our lead examiner has more
than thirty-seven years of
lie-detection experience

We have more than 1000
TV/media appearances

Bakersfield lie detector test today

Note- no other Bakersfield polygraph examiner even has 10 years of full-time examiner experience. Many will lie to you, so: ask to see the date on their their polygraph school graduation diploma! It will only be a few years ago, followed by only part-time polygraph work!

Call 818 883-6969
for a polygraph test
in Bakersfield

Polygraph Bakersfield